Meet your Doula

Laura Martin

       Laura has a BA in Early Childhood Education.  She is a trained Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator with ProDoula.  Her passion for birth and family support began over a decade ago as a nanny of five children, before staying home with her own three boys. Currently, Laura is working with families to reduce fear and provide support during a major life event: Childbirth. As a mom herself, Laura has personally experienced a natural epidural-free delivery, a birth with epidural, and a cesarean birth. She specializes in VBAC support and emphasizes the importance of confidence and a feeling of security during the prenatal journey. Laura continues to support other moms and new families to navigate through the new experiences and challenges that pregnancy and parenthood may bring. Having a doula will enhance your birth experience, by providing you education, physical comfort, and emotional support so that you may feel confident to labor how you desire, and experience birth the way you envision it.